May 14, 2011






The 54th Canadian National Appaloosa Show is becoming a tradition in Brandon’s Westoba Ag Center of Excellence – it has been here since 1997 and is here again in 2011… we just can’t beat the facilities and friendly Manitoba ! It is running July 26-30, 2011 at the Westoba Ag Center of Excellence.


Appaloosas are a breed of horse with fantastic dispositions and are known for their versatility. Most of these spotted horses compete in many classes and are adored by their families that have brought them thousands of miles.


The Opening Ceremonies are being held Tuesday morning – and the show ends Saturday afternoon with a range of cattle classes and award presentations.


All ages from 4 to 84, there is classes for everyone. Most mornings there are halter classes followed by riding classes and ending with games… something for every spectator. Ongoing youth team competition throughout week teams from across Canada vying for title of Youth Team Champions.


*This is the second year the show is DUAL APPROVED with the US club (ApHC) – we welcome our American friends that have joined us to take advantage of it - it is truly an international event!

More prizes and cash are being donated continually until show time, featuring a Yearling Challenge and F3/F4 Iron Horse Challenge where we recognize those Appaloosas with great heritage and ApHCC F3/4 registration status. Entries are accepted at discounted rates until June 20th, 2011.


Exhibitors are competing for cash, art, buckles, saddles and more – we’d like to thank our great major sponsors from NAERIC (North American Equine Ranchers Information Council) and Wheatcity Cowtown. If you would like to come aboard as a sponsor, please contact Jocelyn Kish at for more info. 

We look forward to "spotting" you there!